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Our entrepreneurial efforts include teaching basic business practices and putting it to use.  The purpose of this effort is to give a financial beacon of hope to those who don’t, and may never, see light at the end of the tunnel.  For those who, despite making all of the right decisions and doing all the right things, don’t see a way past the low to average wages that being “numbered” typically brings, we want to offer hope.  “Don’t give up.  I know you can make a lot more money doing what you used to do, but if you keep flipping burgers, keep pulling concrete, keep laying shingles, keep that dead-end job --- there is light at the end of the tunnel!  It’s temporary!!” 

"Phase 1 of our entrepreneurial effort requires absolutely nothing to get started other than a little drive.  It works as follows:

1.      Go to, and sign up using your name, state, and prison number.  This number is also your “Promo Code”.

2.      Then go to the SHOP tab, where you can browse our online store and find useful and desirable items for less than Amazon prices.

3.      ANY purchaser who enters your Promo Code will get 10% off of the purchase price – but then we match that 10% and apply it to your personal account. Funds in this account can be applied to goods at the store, or can be distributed monthly once the balance exceeds $50.


In other words, using your number not only saves you money, but by getting others to use your number – it can make you money!   And you thought your prison number was nothing but a negative in your life.  Ha!"

Phase 2:

This is our collective purchasing group.  Our founder spent 7 years in China, hanging out with the virtually impossible to access “factory-owner crowd”, and his best friend owns several factories in China.  He developed

a network of resources that few other people have access to.  One of the ways he is helping out members of The Numbered is by using this network and providing the opportunity to purchase goods at lower than wholesale level, that can then be sold here in the states as the members decide.  By buying needed products at a price-point lower than anyone else is able to get, and being able to re-sell those products at whatever retail price the primary contact is able to get, the return-on-investment can be staggering --- and is the financial beacon of hope we want to offer.

There are two requirements that must be met in order to have access to this collective buying group.  You must have a prison number, and you must be employed (or you must support our mission by hiring felons).  That’s it!  Everything is done electronically, from signing up here on the website, to staying up to date with what’s going

on and receive our monthly newsletter, to minutes from our monthly meetings, to voting on what to purchase with our combined resources and how best to profit from it – we are fully transparent and everything is available to see if you have an internet connection. 

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