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LinkAStaff is our staffing agency that is catered towards the re-entry population.  We know that whatever somebody wants can be theirs – if they are willing to work for it.  For those restored citizens that are willing to learn and willing to work, we have developed an ever-increasing network of employers who believe in the Linkastaff mission enough, and how
we execute our core values, that they are willing to open their doors to our people.

Resilient Shelter Group

Resilient Shelter Group is a Pre-Fab company that designs and builds conventionally framed homes that are small enough to be built inside and shipped to their final site, but big enough to live large.  RSG designs and builds Overlanding shelter solutions as well, and is oriented towards increasing resiliency in housing and shelter.  RSG is part of our skilled trades program as well.  LinkAStaff employees working on RSG  projects will learn framing,
electrical, plumbing, interior finishing, insulation, roofing, siding, etc… 

Max Container Options

Max Container Options is our Containerization company, and part of our skilled trades
program.  We take shipping containers and… make them into anything.  Homes, apartments,
offices, food trucks, swimming pools, hydroponic farms, athletic field seating, etc…
Welding and fabricating are emphasized here, along with most of the other construction

Resilient by Design

Resilient By Design is our Community Development company that seeks to create more resilient communities.  From urban infill locations to rural retreats, our developments are designed and built with resiliency in mind, and include both above grade and below grade homes.

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