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The Numbered is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that serves restored citizens and the re-entry population by organically connecting people to resources and opportunities.  We are an ever-growing network of like-minded, passion-filled, purpose-driven people who open doors for each other.  

From extending opportunities for, and supporting each other, to combining resources in order to take advantage of otherwise unattainable opportunities, we are “there” for each other when the rest of society is not. Through our sibling organizations that educate, employ, house, and transport, our overall mission is to guide and empower ex-offenders to maximize their potential. This increases their opportunities for successful reintegration into society and to become productive citizens of their communities.


We’ve been there.  We are God-fearing, America-loving, family-oriented and successful businesspeople who are also felons. We know what it’s like to rebuild yourself, to make the changes that are necessary to become a different person and a productive member of society – and to still have doors slammed in your face.  We know what its like to fill out job application after job application, and dreading the “background” question.  We know what it’s like to bring so much value to an employer, but because of the mistakes of the past, to be passed over time and time again.  We know what it’s like to be intelligent and driven, to have so much potential – but to be relegated to menial labor and low skill jobs with little opportunity for advancement or professional growth.


We have monthly meetings here in Lancaster, OH that any of The Numbered are welcome to attend. We hold these meetings at a local restaurant that is owned by one of “us”, but eventually we plan on holding the meetings at our manufacturing headquarters building.


This is why The Numbered was created.  In general, the over-arching vision for the creator behind The Numbered is to serve the re-entry population by looking out for each other.  If one of our members own a business, we support it.  If one of our members need help on a project, we’re there to lend a hand.  If one of our members is going through a tough time, we’re there to listen, to help if we can, or just to be there.  

This initial vision has since grown to a full-scale ministry.  We start by focusing on seven elements in the quest for a successful life of independence and freedom.  The first four primary key elements are: education, employment, housing, and transportation. Our education arm teaches skilled trades by constructing innovative houses and buildings, that are developed into communities as well as provide housing to our members.  The more homes we build, the more homes we can provide to our own members. Our staffing agency takes those who we have trained, as well as anyone with a desire to work, and works with our employer partners to find them stable and gainful employment.  The transportation arm is linked with our educational program, where Auto Maintenance and Repair is one of the skilled trades we teach, while also providing an inventory of affordable cars that our members can purchase while simultaneously rebuilding their credit.  

Our secondary personal development initiatives include Faith, Finances, and Fitness.  Participation in our weekly faith-based round-tables is required for our office staff and production staff, and we encourage our staffing agency employees that are locally employed to take part as well.  
We also teach an 8-week financial literacy course where we cover everything from balancing a checkbook to establishing a budget to the limited and responsible use of debt. 


Finally, because everything needs maintenance, from our homes to our cars to our relationships – to ourselves, we offer a nightly fitness class as well. Taught by a former crossfit gym owner and trainer, our fitness classes are for all ages and current state of fitness levels, and focus on real life and functional movements that help practitioners get better at the physical part of life. 

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