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We are The Numbered.

Our mission is to assume ownership of the solutions to the unique struggles that come with a prison number. The struggles with finding basic necessities like housing, employment, and a network of peer support is only the beginning of the battle. With education, training, and community with our allies we can enable our members to achieve their best lives.

Our goal is to stimulate growth and to empower each other to do more than just survive but to thrive in spite of our past. We gather as The Numbered to support each other when no one else will. It is for the glory of God that we push our members to make their dreams come true.

We encourage everyone with a prison or jail Number to join our ranks.

In addition, if you are someone who understands the struggle that an ex-offender has when rebuilding their life and you want to help, please join us in our efforts to create mutually beneficial opportunities.

"God recycles evil into righteousness.  Joseph, saddled with family rejection, slavery, and imprisonment emerged triumphant— a hero of his generation.  Among his final words to his brothers were these: “You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20).


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